A Practically Productive Person.

Are you in the midst of a summer slump, can you hear the hypothetical Ice cream van doing laps around your head. Do you have FOMO of absolutely nothing?

This is a common problem with all businesses that have windows. When the sun is out people tend to become mid-day star gazers. There is no magic solution for this and dreams of winning the lotto or managing to shorten time is unrealistic. I’ve been trying for years and it doesn’t work… trust me. But I have a good feeling about my numbers this week.

Here are 5 straight forward pointers that will allow you to leave work with a sloid days work under your belt, no post work anxiety needed.

Get The Day Started Early.

Now, this might turn some people off at 1st glance and others have already stopped reading. For those who are still reading this simple start to the day has yielded great results for myself (a systematic snooze selector). This simple start to the day allows you to get in early and leave early. So when your colleagues are sitting in squinting at the clock on the bottom of the laptop screen you are outside doing you!

Get out there

“Everyone knows that Vitamin D is the best Vitamin out there” (Professor X, X-men, 2000). Take your breaks tactically. This simple tactic allows you to get some fresh air, sun and clarity. Instead of flicking around on your phone looking at your mates pictures on their holidays get up and stretch the legs. It will give you a new perspective on your work.

Chill out

This can be more complicated then it seems as office politics dictate the heat. Since the dawn of initialisation there has been an ongoing feud to who controls the office temperature. Keeping it around 18 degrees keeps you sprightly and alert.

Shake Things Up

There is nothing worse than getting bogged down in monotony. This is an easy slump to slip into. Realistically it helps nobody, you are in the office for those hours why not get the most out of work. A simple example is flipping your daily routine on its head (if possible) or changing up your lunch hour. This is all about keeping your brain active and not slugging it through the same processes.

Target and Track

I would be a strong believer in setting yourself mini targets and holding yourself accountable to them. There are a million and seven different methods, formulas and facts about this online. Find something that works for you. What works for me is lots of micro targets. Achieving these gives you a good boost and speeds up the day!

Hopefully these simple steps will allow you to enjoy your evening… however you choose.

David Wilson,


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