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I started nineDots back in August 2017, working from Network Café on Aungier Street; organising client/candidate meetings which turned out to be great and not so great at the same time as I'd end up with very little work done and high on caffeine.

Anyway, in November as the workload piled up, I graduated into my parents' kitchen after persuading David Wilson that recruitment is the best job in the world and nineDots Technology Recruitment is the stuff that only dreams are made of (and that I would drive him anywhere he wanted for lunch). It wasn’t long before we had enough money to move into Huckletree (Arguably the best co-working space in Dublin/The World). This was a real turning point for us.

I was then able to persuade Rose Farrell that we aren't like 'the others' - another great hire, big things to come. People ask, ‘well, what is different about you?’ "I don’t know”, is the real, honest, answer; we work out of a co-working space, wear what I want, create lasting, meaningful relationships where we are not just a one-stop shop. We are straightforward in our dealings with no fluff and no noise.

We are a small (but growing) technology recruitment firm based in the heart of Dublin city. We specialise in anything and everything tech related. However, if we can’t assist, we won’t tell you that we can. What we CAN do is steer you in the right direction - we believe it doesn’t cost to be helpful!

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Our Values

The fundamentals of recruitment and our job haven’t changed, what needs to change is how recruiters operate. With that in mind, nineDots is based on a value-add rather than the age-old ‘let’s throw sh*t against a wall and hope it sticks’ methodology. We don’t believe you need to wear a suit in order to be professional and we think people should be treated like people, not commodities.

Culture is king and something we find a lot with this whole ‘square peg, round hole’ scenario is, that people are thinking of the short-term fix, be it due to KPI’s out of your ears, poor management, time constraints. The list goes on - but the short-term solve is broken and a waste of everyone's time.

We're about the long-term, nineDots is a two-way street. Candidates and clients - we treat them both equally; take the time to really understand what they are about and what they are looking for. From there, it’s clear as day whether or not they will suit each other.

Create real relationships and that is half the battle - this is what is important to us and how we help people and companies grow.

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We specialise in the following:

Software Engineering + QA/Test

DevOps, Network, Infosec

Design - Product/UX/UI/Digital

Product/Leadership - Scrum/Agile

Data Science/AI/Machine Learning

Games Industry

Meet The Team

Cian Crosse

Managing Director | Technical Recruiter | Hot Sauce Sommelier

Been in ‘the game’ for the last five and a half years to which I started nineDots around a year ago with a view to doing things slightly differently.

I like hot sauce, chillies, recruitment and adding people on Facebook, oh and dogs. I am also the tallest in my family.

+353 (0)83 4469070


Rose Farrell

Senior Recruiter | Career Cicerone | Digital Stalker | Cat Herder

I ended up in technical recruitment after realising it was the ideal place to utilise the devastating combination of being massively nerdy and a love of talking about technology.

In a previous life, I worked in the Natural History Museum in Dublin cataloging animals - forming a taxonomy of technologies was easy after learning the entire animal kingdom in Latin! I love technology in all its forms - I mostly recruit for the vast spectrum of jobs in Ops; DevOps, SRE, Network stuff, InfoSec, etc.

Despite the rumors, I am a human person, not a cat masquerading as a person.

+353 (0)85 8504540


David Wilson

Recruitment Consultant | Read Below

I am the new kid on the block when it comes to the recruitment game, but with a post-grad in Innovation and Entrepreneurship under my belt I tend to come up the "quirky" ideas to approaching challenges.

While my time in recruitment is short, I’m a people connoisseur. Willing to take NYC cab drivers for a ride and bartering with Chilean customs to permit entry of my beloved Kerrygold, butter wouldn’t melt…

+353 (0)87 3687923


Mick McAdams

Senior Tech Recruiter | Bulldog Lover | NFL buff | All Round Good Guy

I've been working in recruitment for close to 5 years now; nobody woke up one morning and said 'hey, I'd love to be a recruiter'. Yes, I fell into it like everyone else and then realised I actually enjoyed talking to people and was really quite good at it.

I'm a big fan of Bulldogs, I have 2 of the heartbreakers at home and you can see me at the weekends getting knocked around a pitch playing American football.

+353 (0)87 3413483


Aisling Fogarty

Senior Design Recruiter | Principal Director Cat Enthusiast (I don't own any) | Something Something

I got into recruitment almost five years ago with the sole purpose if helping people get the job they love! After spending a few years away soaking up the sun (and pretending I was in Home and Away!) I'm back in the Emerald Isle and immersing myself in my passion for design.

When I'm not at work I can mostly be found veganising delicious foods, trying to make friends with cats and doing a spot of photography (although my website is constantly under construction!)

Fun Fact: I've been playing the flute for 15 years.

+353 (0)87 1817717


Daire Meehan

Senior Recruiter specialising in all things Software Development

I fell into recruitment around 4 years ago, what started out as an 8-week placement turned into a permanent position and the rest is history. After cutting my teeth in the more corporate world of recruitment, I broke free and haven't looked back since.

When I'm not recruiting I like to keep fit and I'm always looking to improve myself academically 🤓. I'm coming towards the end of my BSc in Business and Management and I'm looking to see what I can take on next (open to suggestions).

I specialise on the Software Dev side of things, hit me up if you want to have a chinwag about what's going on in the market or are you looking to grow your team.

+353 (0)879066897


Ciaran Curtin

Senior Tech Recruiter - Loves a good pun and Simpson's Seasons 2-10 only!

Like most others, I fell into recruitment and it has proven to have been an excellent life choice for me. I like talking tech and speaking to people, so this job ticks the boxes for me.

Outside of work, I love to spend time with my missus and son, play a spot of golf when time permits, and love a pint of Guinness. Love rugby and football and when it comes to TV I love Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld and of course, The Simpsons.

I specialise in software engineering recruitment but don't mind getting my hands dirty in any facet of tech recruitment. It's good fun!

+353 (0)879066897


Ross McKenna

Junior Recruiting Resourcer | Plant Whisperer | Heavy Metal Addict & Dot #8

I'm fresh into recruiting having just completed a degree in psychology. I have a background in tech and computer assembly, so tech recruiting feels like the perfect place where I can mix both.
I'm a Shamrock Rovers season ticket holder and if I am not playing or listening to music you can find me tending to my vegetable garden or trying to learn Chinese. Wish me luck with that one. I also love Jiu-Jitsu and Sumo wrestling.


Lee Kelly

Product & Mobile Recruitment Guy | Synth man | Part time meme creator

Recruitment is never something I saw myself doing until Mick gave me a call and said “I think you’d be good at it” since joining nineDots I’ve realised how suited to it I am, I’ve been involved in music industry for the last 10 years and have always enjoyed getting to know new people and linking them up with others on the same level as them.

Outside of work I can be found making music, hiking with the other half, watching YouTube videos about F1 trying to understand tyre grip and pretending I’m Gordan Ramsay in a kitchen.

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